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Fire and Security Paging Systems

Alarm Messenger Fire & Security Paging System

The iPort Alarm Messenger is an automatic alarm monitoring and notification paging system, designed specifically for those facilities looking to receive their fire and security alarm messages via wide area pager.

Alarm Messenger paging system:

Encased in durable metal housing the Alarm Messenger pager system monitors up to 16 [expandable to 32] alarm points. Each message can be up to 40 characters in length and custom programmed via RS232 serial port interface. The external modem automatically sends the message to the assigned wide area pager. The pager alarm escalation feature enables you to elevate the message until it is acknowledged. Programming features include pager database, group call, alarm escalation and wide area paging carrier[s].

The Alarm Messenger paging system includes: 8 pager capacity, 16 alarm points [dry or voltage] expandable to 32, RS232 serial port with programming software and third party interface protocol including Tap, Comp 1 and Comp 2 for fire & security system integration, dial out modem for up to 8 wide area paging carriers, power supply and heavy metal housing.


  • Durable housing
  • 16 alarm points [dry or voltage]
  • Alphanumeric & numeric pager
  • Individual or group call capability
  • PC programmable
  • 8 pager capacity
  • Alarm page call escalation
  • Wide area paging capability


  • 16 Additional alarm points


  • Low cost
  • Remote paging capabilities

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©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.

©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.