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Fire and Security Paging Systems

INTELPage Monitoring & Alarm Paging System

The iPort INTELPage monitoring and alarm paging system is ideal for those fire and security applications looking for a low cost paging solution for early pager notification of critical alarms.

INTELPage paging system:

The iPort INTELPage system is a multi-purpose paging encoder and transmitter capable of monitoring critical fire and security alarms via RS232 serial port connection and alarm contact points. Encased in a durable metal housing INTELPage can be programmed via computer using the RS232 serial port. Programming features include pager database, priority paging, contact alarm points and message dispatch.

INTELpage system includes: 1,000 pager capacity, 16 alarm contact points [dry or voltage] , RS232 serial port with programming software and third party interface protocol including Tap, Comp 1 and Comp 2 for nurse call, telemetry, fire & security, building automation and HVAC system integration. 2-4 watt internal transmitter, antenna and power supply.


  • Durable housing
  • 1,000 pager capacity
  • Alphanumeric and numeric pager
  • VHF & UHF frequency
  • 2-4 watt internal transmitter
  • Individual and group call paging
  • RS232 serial port interface
  • TAP, Comp1 & Comp 2 protocols
  • Priority paging
  • 16 alarm points [dry or voltage]
  • On site programming


  • Low cost
  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates noisy over head paging
  • Immediate alarm monitoring pager notification
  • Durable construction

PDFINTELPage Brochure

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©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.