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Coaster Pager

The iPort Coaster pager is the slimmest, most durable, stackable Coaster pager on the market. Its handsome design and rugged construction ensure years of reliable use. The iPort Coaster pager flashes, vibrates, beeps or any combination of the three when paged. The "Out-of-Range" melody alert feature helps to eliminate missed pages and accidental pager loss. The simple Coaster pager operation makes it impossible to accidentally turn the pager off.

The long life nickel metal hydrate [NIMH] rechargeable battery lasts 3-5 years, longest in the industry. A battery indicator light alerts you when the pager needs charging. The rechargeable battery pack is easily replaced at your location when needed. The smart charge system fully charges all coaster pagers in 2 hours or less.


  • Quality construction
  • Slim design for easy stacking
  • VHF & UHF frequency
  • Flash, vibrate and beep tone alerts
  • "Out-of-Range" melody alert
  • Auto locate page
  • 3-5 year rechargeable battery life
  • 2 hour smart charge system
  • Field replaceable battery packs
  • Clearly numbered for easy pager identification
  • Custom non peel Coaster pager labels

Coaster Pager
4.31d x 0.625h x 0.28 oz.

CrystalCall Charging Rack

Each iPort Coaster style charging base accommodates 15 pagers. Our Smart Charge system ensures you never overcharge the pager. The rapid rate Coaster style charging base fully charges all Coaster pagers in 2 hours or less. Use up to 4 Coaster style charging bases per power supply.

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©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.

©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.