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E-page Flash and Vibrate Pager

The iPort E-Pager is a versatile pager capable of notifying users they have a page by vibrating, flashing, beeping or any combination of the three. The single button design makes E-Pager easy to use and impossible to accidentally turn off. The top mounted display enables you to receive optional numeric messages, as well as 10 user definable alpha text messages. The E-Pager uses a single AAA disposable battery. The power saver feature extends the pagers battery life up to 8 weeks. A low battery alert signals you when its time to replace. Optional 25 pager storage rack with auto pager shut off available.


  • Affordable
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to use single button pager operation
  • Vibrate, flash & tone alerts
  • VHF & UHF frequency
  • 4 pager address
  • Individual & group page capabilities
  • Single AAA battery pager operation
  • Extended battery life
  • Low battery alert notification
  • Numeric pager capability
  • 10-user definable alpha text pager messages

E-page Flash and Vibrate Pager

CrystalCall Charging Rack

The E-Pager storage tray is a great accessory for holding and organizing your pagers when not in use. Each E-Pager storage tray holds 25 pagers. The battery saver feature automatically turns the pagers off when storing. No power required.

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©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.

©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.