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Restaurant and Hospitality Paging Systems

Server Call 25 Restaurant Paging System

The iPort Server Call 25 restaurant paging system is the best way to communicate with your wait staff that their order is ready and served promptly.

Server Call 25 restaurant waiter paging system:

Easy to install and operate the iPort Server Call 25 restaurant waiter paging system is encased in heavy gauge metal housing and sealed to keep grease and grim out, ensuring many years of reliable use.

Server Call 25 includes: 24 one touch waiter call paging buttons and 1 manager call paging button. The LCD enables you to program all paging functions including, auto re-page with variable paging times, manager auto page notification with waiter pager number should food not be picked up in a timely manner. The X2 and X3 buttons transmit multiple vibrate signals, alerting waiters where to report. Tri color paging lights indicate pager escalation level. The internal transmitter provides ample paging coverage for even the largest establishments. Erasable marker name plates make it easy to assign waiter pager numbers. Optional cancel panel available.


  • Quality construction
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 24 waiter call paging buttons
  • 1 manager call paging button
  • Internal transmitter
  • X2 and X3 vibrate pager capability
  • Auto re-page - programmable times
  • Tri color call escalation paging lights
  • Automatic manager page with pager pick up number
  • Digital clock
  • Choice of restaurant waiter pager styles
  • Optional cancel panel

Server Call 25 Waiter Pager System
PDFServer Call 25 Brochure
E-Z QuoteE-Z Quote Request Form
PDFServer Call Easy Setup Instructions
PDFServer Call Pager Manual

Compatible restaurant waiter pager models

Crystal Call Beltclip Pager

Crystal Call Rechargeable Belt Clip Pager
Ideal for restaurants looking for a durable rechargeable waiter pager. The Crystal Call waiter pager vibrates, flashes, beeps or any combination of all three when paged. Multiple vibrate capability directs waiters where to report. Heavy duty construction and long life rechargeable battery ensure years of reliable use.
Vibrate Only Pager

Vibrate Only Pager
Traditional waiter pager. Heavy duty construction and multiple vibrate modes direct waiters where to report. Uses single AAA disposable battery.
Text Message Manager Pager

Text Message Manager Pager
Perfect for alerting managers to missed waiter pages. Vibrate and tone alerts. Receives numeric and 4 pre-programmed alpha text messages. Uses single AAA disposable battery.

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©2005 - iPort Communications, Inc.