Quiet Call Church Nursery Paging System

The iPort Quiet Call nursery paging system is ideal for nurseries in need of a simple and reliable way to communicate with parents. Designed with busy nurseries in mind, simply plug into any standard wall unit and the Quiet Call Paging system is ready to page.  

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The Quiet Call church nursery desktop paging transmitter accommodates over 1,000 pagers ensuring you will never outgrow your paging system. There are no minimum pager purchase requirements. Start with only the quantity of pagers you need. Any pagers you add in the future are pre-programmed in the transmitter for easy expansion. The internal 2 watt UHF [450 MHZ] transmitter covers the largest church campuses and will not interfere with any wireless or sound equipment. All pagers are clearly numbered for easy identification. The iPort Quiet Call church nursery paging system is the perfect way to provide parents with extra peace of mind knowing their children are only one simple page away.

  • Quality construction
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Never need to program
  • 1,000 pager capacity
  • UHF [450 MHZ] internal transmitter
  • Will not interfere with church sound or wireless equipment.
  • No minimum pager purchase requirements
  • Choice of church nursery pager styles
  • 2 year warranty
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