Medical Office Pagers & Paging System

The iPort PC Page system enables large hospital and medical facilities the ability to page from across their entire PC network using client/ server software. The iPort 2 watt IP address transmitters give you the ability to place as many transmitters strategically thru out your facility to maximized paging coverage. The PC Paging system helps your healthcare facility meet HIPAA requirements for patient privacy and confidentiality, reduce overhead noise, and provide peace of mind for patients and family members.

Istation_Frt_686 Istation_Back_723 Smart_Call_Coaster_Pager_Front_617 Smart_Call_Belt_Clip_Front_735 Coaster_Pager_Front_563 PDQ_Pager_LED_1_213 Crystal_Call_Paddle_Front CC_Belt_Clip_Front

The iPort PC Based system includes: Client /Admin software for unlimited PC access, 100 pre-programmed user definable text messages, 9,999 pager capability, 2 watt UHF [450 MHZ] IP address transmitter with antenna and power supply.

  • Client / Admin software
  • Unlimited PC access
  • 9,999 pager capacity
  • 100 pre-programmed text messages
  • 2 Watt UHF [450 MHZ] internal transmitter
  • Multiple transmitter capability
  • Will not interfere with wireless or medical equipment.
  • Choice of pager styles
  • 2 year warranty
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