Restaurant Sever Paging System

The iPort Server Call 24 paging system is the best way to communicate with your wait staff that their orders are ready and served promptly.

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Easy to install and operate, the Server Call 24 system is sealed to keep kitchen grease and grim out, ensuring many years of reliable use. The Server Call 24 Paging System includes: 24 wait staff paging buttons and 4 manager paging buttons. Programmable paging functions including one time paging of wait staff or auto re-page with manager notification should page not be answered by the third page. Tri color paging lights indicate call escalation level. The X2 and X3 buttons transmit multiple notification signals, alerting waiters where to report. The internal 2 watt UHF transmitter provides ample paging coverage for even the largest establishments and will not interfere with any wireless equipment. Dry erase marker name plates make it easy to assign wait staff pager numbers with names. An optional cancel panel is available to cancel call escalation pages or initiate pages from a more convenient location in the kitchen.

  • Professional grade construction
  • Ships Programmed, plug and play
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multiple mounting options [ Clamp or Wall Mount ]
  • Field programmable
  • 24 single touch waiter call paging buttons
  • 4 one touch manager call paging buttons
  • X2 and X3 alert paging buttons
  • Auto re-page with programmable time frames
  • Tri color call escalation paging lights
  • Automatic manager notification page with waiter pager number
  • Group page buttons for wait staff and managers
  • Rechargeable wait staff pagers
  • Field replaceable rechargeable batteries
  • Optional cancel panel
  • 2 year warranty
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