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Questions & Answers

1Who is iPort Communications?
Since 2002 iPort Communications, Inc. has been supplying paging systems and solutions to a variety of industries including top healthcare facilities, corporations, restaurants, church nurseries, universities and others. Our long standing loyal customer base is testament to our commitment to you, our customer.
2Why purchase from iPort Communications?
Unlike our competitors and Johnny come late lees iPort has been providing paging systems for over 15 years and will still be here when the others have folded shop. iPort is the only leading supplier of in house paging systems to offer a wide variety of pager styles and systems to fit your specific budget and needs. Coupled with our personalized service, 30 day money back guarantee and best warranty in the business iPort offers the best value, quality and support in the paging industry.
3How do I order?
iPort’s on line store is currently under construction, in the meantime you may call toll free 800-359-9737 and ask for sales or email us at
4Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, iPort accepts all major credit and debit cards at no additional charge
5Do I have to pay sales tax?
Sales tax is not charged with the exception of private businesses located in the state of Illinois or otherwise requested.
6How does my system ship?
iPort ships all systems using UPS and FEDEX ground services. Overnight, 2nd day and other expedited shipping options are available upon request for an additional charge.
7What is the warranty period?
iPort includes an industry best two year warranty for all paging products unless otherwise stated.
8Does the paging system ship programmed?
Yes, all iPort systems ship completely programmed. All you have to do is plug the transmitter and charging bases into a standard wall outlet and you are ready to page. Please note: it is highly recommended that you plug your paging equipment into a power strip with surge protection, much as you would your computer, to protect it from unexpected power surges that may result from lightning storms or blackouts.
9How easy is it to order additional pagers?
Very easy. iPort stores all your paging records. When it’s time to add or replace pagers, we know exactly the pager number[s] you have and how they are programmed to receive. When you receive your pagers they are ready to use
10How many pagers can the system hold?
Most iPort paging transmitter units hold over 9,999 pager numbers so it is highly unlikely you will ever outgrow your paging system.
11What frequency do the paging systems transmit on?
The standard iPort paging systems transmit on the UHF frequency 450–470 MHZ. Our two most common frequencies are 457.575 MHZ and 467.800 MHZ. Other frequencies are available by request.
12How far will the paging system cover
Paging coverage can vary based on many factors. A general rule of thumb is a 1 to 2 mile range, and/or an average 3- 4 story hospital building. The 2 watt internal transmitter is usually enough power to cover 98% of all in-house paging applications. Optional repeater stations are available for those customers requiring additional paging coverage. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
13Will the paging system interfere with any wireless or sound equipment?
No, the frequency iPort uses is specifically set aside for low power [2 watts] paging only purposes and will not interfere with any wireless equipment including Wi Fi, medical and church sound systems.
14What if we need more paging range?
iPort offers optional repeater stations [wireless or IP-connected] which will extend [up to double] you’re paging coverage. Please note: you may add as many repeater stations as necessary to fully cover your facility.
15How long do the rechargeable pagers hold their charge?
All iPort rechargeable pagers can hold a charge for up to 36 hours depending on use.
16What is the battery life of the rechargeable pagers?
iPort rechargeable batteries are rated to last up to 5 years.
17How long does it take a rechargeable pager to fully charge?
Because of the iPort Smart Charging system all rechargeable pagers will fully charge in 2-3 hours.
18Can I replace the rechargeable batteries at my own location?
Yes, iPort rechargeable pager batteries are replaceable at your own location, eliminating the need to mail them to us.
19What is the OUT OF RANGE function and how does it work?
The “Out of Range” feature allows the pager to alert the user, via a tone alert or visual que, that they have gone beyond the paging range of the system. When the iPort transmitter is set to have the “out of range” feature ON the transmitter will send out a silent code every 25 seconds. When any pager misses the code 3 times in a row, it sets off the out of range alert. When the pager comes back into range it will automatically discontinue the out of range alert and is ready to receive any pages again.
20How can the pagers alert me?
Most iPort rechargeable pagers have the option to alert you via flash, vibrate and/or beep tone alert. iPort will program to your specifications but if you change your mind after receiving the system you can reset the pager alert options to your liking.
21Why do the pagers alert when I take them off the charging base?
This is normal. The pager will always cycle one time [flash & vibrate] or however they are programmed when you take them off the charging base so you know they are working properly.
22How long will the pagers go off?
The rechargeable pagers can be set to alert for a period of 15-30-60-120-180 seconds. The alert time can be changed with a simple command from the transmitter if ever needed.
23What if the pager is still going off when the pager is returned?
The pager will automatically stop after the time it is set to go off. If, in the event the pager is still alerting when returned, simply place it on/in the charging base and that will stop and reset it.
24Can I use multiple transmitters / systems in the same facilities?
Yes, iPort can program your transmitters so they will not interfere with one another.
25How many pagers does a charging base hold?
This depends on the style of pager you choose. The Coaster pager charging base holds 15 pagers each, the Rugged style pager charging base holds 12 pagers each, the PDQ charging base holds either 15 or 30 pagers each and the Compass charging base holds 20 pagers each.
26How many charging bases can I have on one power supply?
Up to 4 charging bases can be joined together [via jumper wire[s] included] on one power supply. This eliminates the need for multiple power outlets for each individual charging base.
27What if I need help?
You may always contact us toll free at 800-359-9737 or email us at

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