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iPort Communications, Inc. is an authorized distributor for leading paging manufactures including Jtech an HME company, Spok, Unication and Apollo.

JTech Pagers

Regardless of your application, iPort can provide you with the best quality pagers & paging systems. We offer a varienty of Jtech restaurant pagers, including Coaster Style and CommPass pagers for guests, as well as Jtech Rugged restaurant pagers for wait staff and managers. We also offer Jtech IQ, Staff Call and SmartCall pagers for hospitals, health care professionals and all other applications requiring quick, reliable paging capability.

Our Jtech paging systems include:

  • GuestCall restaurant paging systems for guests.
  • Jtech ServerCall paging systems for servers and staff.
  • QuietCall paging systems for church nurseries, child care, hospital, pharmacy, auto dealers, spa and retail applications.
  • Jtech push button paging systems for simple notification in medical, retail and security applications.
  • Jtech SmartCall paging systems for hospitals, trucking and warehousing users.
  • Jtech StaffCall paging system for medical, pharmacy and professional services applications.
Along with a wide variety of Jtech pagers and paging systems, iPort also offers pagers and paging systems from Spok, Apollo and Unication.

Spok Pagers

Spok pagers and paging systems include the popular 7950 alpha numeric pager and the robust MAXPage desktop transmitter for those customers who require full features in a desktop paging transmitter.

Unication Pagers

iPort also offers the rugged Unication Alpha Legend Secure and Unication Alpha Elite Secure alpha numeric pagers for those customers who require a heavy duty reliable alpha numeric pager.

Apollo Pagers

Rounding out our pager product line iPort also carries a wide variety of Apollo pagers including the Apollo 924 and Alpha Gold alpha numeric pagers. The heavy duty XL top read numeric pager and the popular E-page flash & vibrate numeric pager.