Coaster Charging Base

The iPort Coaster Charging Base is compatible with iPort coaster style pagers. It fully charges all pagers in 2 hours or less. Each charging base accommodates up to 15 coaster pagers. You can connect up to 4 charging bases per power supply.    

Coaster_Pager_Charger_Frt_544 Coaster_Pager_Charger_Tethered_550 Coaster_Pager_Stack15_608Smart_Call_Coaster_Pager_Stack_Tethered_661

The Coaster Charging Base includes: Rapid rate charging capability, power supply and/or jumper connection cable.              

  • Rapid rate 2 hour charging capability
  • 15 coaster pagers per charging base
  • Up to 4 charging bases on a single power supply
  • Two year warranty
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